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Things families can do to ensure kids are in school and learning:

  1. Actively participate in your child’s education. You are your child’s first teacher and it is important that you continue to advocate for his/her learning needs.
  2. Make academics a priority. Let your kids know that you expect them to go to school every day and do their best while there.
  3. Help your child get organized. Create a space in your home for children to store backpacks, coats, sneakers and other supplies.
  4. Set reasonable bedtimes. On average, children need about nine hours of sleep to be healthy and alert.
  5. Make medical and other appointments during non-school hours whenever possible. Schedule family vacations during school holidays or the summer recess so that students aren't missing important lessons and struggling to make up for lost ground.
  6. Make sure your child has a healthy breakfast everyday.

Benefits of Good Attendance

Make school attendance a priority because:
  • It's the law. Pennsylvania State education law requires that all children, ages 6-16, attend school regularly. Making sure that they are there each day is the parent's responsibility.
  • It can help your child learn good work and study habits.
  • It enables your child to perform better on standardized tests.
  • It prepares your child to meet future responsibilities. Frequent tardiness will not be tolerated in college or the workplace.
  • Teach a valuable lesson by teaching the importance of arriving to school on time every day.